Complete Vehicle Validation

Vertical Dynamics Structural Test Bench

  • Function and performance analyses under the influence of mechanical stress and various climatic conditions
  • Endurance tests
  • Optional integration of target generators
  • Dynamic tests
    • Simulation of the vibration effects of different road surfaces
    • Simulation of pitch and roll manoeuvres
  • Static tests
    • Reproducible setup of static vehicle poses
    • Pitch and roll positions, adjustable individually and in combination

Acoustics Analyses

  • Simulation of acoustic loads up to 156 dB (OASPL)
  • Performance of acoustic fatigue tests making use of a progressive wave tube for up to 170 dB (OASPL)
  • Measurement of sound pressure distribution, sound absorption and sound transmission
  • Measurement of sound pressure and sound power in compliance with ISO 3740 ff or other standards

EMC Measurements

  • Measurement of emitted interference / testing of immunity to interference up to 40 GHz with fields of > 2,000 V / m
  • Lightning (LEMP) and simulation of the nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP)
  • Simulation and properties of vehicle electrical systems
  • Three shielded anechoic chambers for system and component tests