Measuring Technology and Optical Measuring Systems

Measuring Technology

  • Sensor application (force, torque, pressure, temperature, path, speed, acceleration, strains, etc.)
  • Telemetry applications
  • Road tests
  • Optical deformation measurement, photogrammetry, 3D scans
  • Measurement data acquisition and evaluation
  • Analysis of operational vibrations and alignment with design criteria, preparation of test signals and operational loads for test bench trials
  • Calibrations


  • HBM measuring amplifier systems, scalable in the range of 1 to 10,000 measuring channels
  • Central and distributed systems (data link via field bus)
  • 42-channel PAK system (Müller-BBM)
  • Extensive range of sensors for many physical measurements
  • and much more

Optical Measuring Systems • Applications

  • Behaviour analyses for structures subjected to loads ranging from static to highly dynamic
  • Point-based and full-field measurements in 3D of
    • elongations
    • displacements
  • Component positioning and measuring of test benches
  • Component sizes scalable from a few millimetres to several hundred metres

ARAMIS • Image Correlation

  • Stereo-optical measurements by means of digital image correlation (DIC)
  • Static and dynamic point-based and full-field measurements to determine
    • 3D coordinates
    • 3D displacements, velocities and accelerations
    • surface strains
    • evaluations of six degrees of freedom (6DoF)
    • deformation characteristics

ARAMIS • High-Speed Measurements

  • For highly dynamic procedures, IABG has HS cameras that can generate tens of thousands of images per second
  • Applications included: drop tests, ballistic tests, blast tests, crash tests, etc.

TRITOP • Photogrammetry

  • Precise determination of the 3D coordinates of object points under static conditions
  • Comparison with CAD data / software supported:
    • false colour rendering
    • deviation of individual points as labels
    • sections, angles and dimensions
  • Customised reports according to your requirements
  • Determination of three-dimensional displacements and deformations of objects and components exposed to loads in stages
  • A team of experts is available for further analyses, e.g. FE modelling, on request

ATOS • 3D-Scanner

  • High-precision, full-field 3D digitisation of component geometries
  • Comparison of actual 3D coordinates with CAD data
  • Comparison of component geometries before and after a test (mechanical, thermal, etc.)
  • Optional reverse engineering of the scan data into a CAD model

Customer Benefits

  • Significantly less effort for measurements that would normally require a large number of conventional position sensors and / or strain sensors.
  • 3D information is obtained for each measuring point.
  • Measurement data is immediately visualised and correlated with CAD and FE models.
  • IABG operates in close collaboration with GOM (Gesellschaft für optische Messtechnik) and can therefore deliver innovative, customer-specific solutions for any new measurement task.
  • IABG has over 60 years of experience in the mechanical testing of parts, components and large assemblies. Customers benefit from the comprehensive know-how of an interdisciplinary team of experts.
  • IABG offers a unique combination of optical and electrical measurement technology, test setup and execution with the respective infrastructure as well as advanced technical services, all from a single source.