Damage-Equivalent Test Spectra • FatiResponse ®

IABG offers customer-specific method development, services and test setting software for the efficient and reliable design of structures and components.

IABG Software FatiResponse ®

  • Description of damage content via Fatigue Response Spectra (FRS)
  • Derivation of damage-equivalent test spectra and test time signals
  • Combination of user profiles to create individual mission profiles
  • Examination of the actual response amplitudes in the case of accelerated tests

Acquisition and Preparation of Load Data

  • Installation of sensors and metrological instrumentation on test vehicles
  • Execution of measurement campaigns to capture operational loads
  • Processing and analysis of measurement results


  • Performance of vibration tests up to 2,500 Hz on electro-mechanical or servo-hydraulic shakers under different climate and environmental conditions
  • FEM simulation and computational fatigue strength analyses of components under vibration-type loads

Development Support

  • Optimisation of components and systems exposed to vibration loads (dynamic behaviour and service life)
  • Characterisation of material behaviour in the IABG fatigue strength testing laboratory
  • Material and failure analyses to identify potential issues and optimise components
FatiResponse ® Software Packet
Flexible configuration and running of the separate modules like
FETDas Fatigue Equivalence Testing Modul erzeugt aus vorgegebenen Fatigue Response Spektren ein Leistungsdichtespektrum (PSD) für die Vibrationsprüfung.
MIPROThe Mission Profiling module permits the combination of any number of user profiles for generating a characteristic fatigue response spectrum.
PSD2THFrom the given power density spectra, the module generates corresponding noise signals in the time range.