Urban Analyses - Solar Cadastres

Government funding measures have led to local authorities increasingly publishing a solar cadastre in their portals. This provides neutral information about the suitability of roofs and open spaces for solar thermal energy and photovoltaics. In addition to the solar potential, information about vendors, service providers, funding opportunities can be integrated. The planning of solar parks in open spaces is also supported by this cadastre.

Decisive factors for determining the solar potential of buildings are, on the one hand, global radiation, roof area, roof pitch, and roof orientation, and, on the other hand, the shading caused by other buildings, roofs, and trees, and the relief. Based on this information, the solar potential of the roof and ground surfaces is calculated using current aerial images. For a more detailed assessment of the potential, dormers and interference objects such as chimneys, roof lights, and aerials can be recorded and included in the modeling process.

The level of accuracy desired by our clients determines the choice of modeling method.


Our services

  • Advice on the appropriate procedures
  • Procurement of the basic data
  • Site and building extraction
  • Modeling
  • Determination of the solar potential
  • Integration into a city portal

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