Initial situation: You need a service life certificate for your component

  • 3D CAD data available (prototype available as an option).
  • The load is vibration or shock-like with foot point excitation.
  • The real operating loads are unknown, load measurements are possible.
  • The durability of individual components or fasteners is unknown.

Our solution approach:


Real-time measurements

Carrying out measurement campaigns & sensor application, measurements of the footpoint loads & response functions (prototype

Qualification loads

Generation of damage-equivalent loads, comparison with standards

Dynamic properties (FEM)

Model creation & if necessary model adjustment (measured dyn. Properties

Durability investigation

Material tests, joining technology / component tests

FEM-based evaluation

Correlation of FEM results <> stressability, development of verification concepts

Numerical qualification

FEM response analyses and operational strength assessment, iterative optimisation of the design, final strength verification

Qualification on test benches

Durability testing on the vibration test rig (earthquake test rig, HyMAS), shock tests, environmental tests (temperature, humidity, extreme conditions

Your benefit

  • All services from a single source: virtual and experimental analyses as complementary synergies.
  • We provide comprehensive advice on the selection of necessary qualification steps - in all phases of product development, product optimisation and approval issues.
  • Our independent and accredited laboratories provide you with individual support - from the damage case to the optimised and approved product.