Fatigue strength of valve springs

Relevant influences

  • Mechanical loading as a result of compression
  • Very high number of load cycles
  • Increased temperature
  • Dynamic settling Experimental verification
  • Tests with maximum stress almost to block length of the spring
  • Vibration fatigue tests with fixed amplitudes
  • Simultaneous testing of a high number of valve springs
  • Simulation of increased temperature
  • Statistical validation with systematic testing and a sufficient number of test items
  • Determination of dynamic settling


Benefits of IABG valve spring test benches

  • Energy efficiency by utilising the principle of resonance in tests
  • Reliability and low maintenance 
  • Exclusion of exogenic forces and vibrations
  • Simultaneous testing of a large number of springs
  • Fatigue tests at various temperatures
  • Software-based testing, documentation and evaluation
  • Recognised by all leading car manufacturers