High-Speed External Drum Test Bench (HATOR)

High-Speed External Drum Test Bench (HATOR)

A multiaxial test bench (radial, slip angle and camber angle) for testing wheels, brake discs, wheel assemblies and tyres.


Task • Service
Tests in compliance with the following regulations:

  • AK LH 08
  • PV-5608
  • Wheel rolling test
  • SAE J-328
  • FIAT Standard
  • Ford Standard
  • Land Rover Engineering Standard
  • Japanese Industrial Standard JIS D 4103:1998
  • Cleat test
  • Customer-specific assignments

Special Features

  • Real-time signals (e.g. Nürburgring) with original wheel bearings, wheel mounts and brake system possible
  • Integrated measuring of up to eight DMS using telemetry
  • Four supplementary thermocouples
  • Integrated pre-damaging
  • Two stations operating in parallel
Technical Data
Speedup to 300 km / h
Brake pressureup to 150 bar dynamic
Max. axial load40 kN
Max. radial load40 kN
Slip angle± 15 °
Camber angle± 5 °
Drum diameter2.000 mm
Drum width500 mm


  • 08.08.2019 IABG launches high-speed external drum test bench
  • 26.04.2018 Oerlikon and IABG partnering to accelerate qualification of additive manufacturing components
  • 08.08.2017 IABG new National Instruments Alliance Silver Partner
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