Radial and Lateral Impact Simulator

The simulator for radial impact is for testing the fatigue strength and failure behaviour of wheels under load from driving over obstacles and lateral impact. This provides manufacturers valuable information about the properties of their products right at the development stage.

Task • Service

  • Radial impact test on car wheels
  • Impact test in compliance with AK-LH 08 and JIS D4103, 13° method
  • Impact test on truck wheels, 30° method
  • Safeguarding the fatigue strength of rims from fracture (e.g. when driving through potholes)
  • Preloading of wheels with impact loads for subsequent fatigue strength tests
  • Impact loading on motorcycle forks
  • Impact loading on axle carriers
  • Impact tests for a variety of applications and components
Technical Data
Drop weight150 kg – 1000 kg
Max. drop height 8 m
Impact energy at a drop height of 1 m1.471,5 J
Velocity at a drop height of 1 m4,43 m / s
Max. impact force with force measured at centre of fin100 kN (extensible)
Fin angle150 ° (variable)
Mounting position of wheelRadial impact:
1 ° (variable)
13 ° oder 30 °
Special mounting positions and different impactor geometries and drop masses on request