C4I – Mission command and communication

Efficiency and effectiveness of modern armed forces are determined to a considerable degree by the availability of information on the respective situation and requirements. The basis for this is the interoperable networking of all relevant forces and means in an efficient reconnaissance, command and joint fires network (A-F-W). Modern command and communication systems are hereby networked in a service-oriented architecture forming a substantial core element in the capability development of the armed forces.     

We analyse the operational requirements and framework as well as boundary conditions, command and communication processes face from the first to the last mile. Here we support the analysis and simulation of network architectures and broadband ad-hoc-networks as well as the interpretation and analysis of tactical data link and others networks in the context of the development of architecture models on basis of the NATO Architecture Framework.  

Our expertise:

  • Architecture consulting and modelling (NAF, TOGAF)
  • Tactical data links (TDL)
  • Simulation and analysis of radio networks and TDL
  • Mobile ad-hoc-networks
  • Network security and cryptology
  • Service-oriented architectures in military, tactical environments
  • Satellite communication (SatCom)

Our co-operation of many years in appropriate NATO committees completes our expertise.