Simulation & Training systems

By using simulation systems in training, resources expenses can be significantly reduced and the impairment or endangerment of human lives and environment can be minimised or even completely avoided. The unique combination of technical expertise and operational understanding allows us to provide close-to-reality and individually tailored training systems.

  • Staff and general exercises
    IABG provides constructional simulation systems, such as KORA, SimOF and JASS for staff and general exercises from the lowest tactical to operational level as well as for civilian crisis staffs exercises. To enable staff members to exercise close-to-reality – in the sense of a “train as you fight approach” – our simulation systems are equipped with standardised FüInfoSys interfaces.
  • Tactics trainer
    To train tactical elements IABG offers individually tailored training environments; the SAAPES system, for instance, is used for training and exercise measures in the Air and Missile Defence sector.
  • Practical trainer
    IABG creates training tools for defence and security environments. A model product here is our V-SICMA, which allows preparing personnel, working in sensitive public life sectors, for critical situations via virtual simulation.
  • Intercultural and language training
    IABG provides innovative simulations to develop intercultural and language skills in virtual environments. We have thus specifically adapted the tool “Operational Dari” for the German Federal Armed Forces, on basis of which soldiers can be prepared for intercultural interaction in the operational area Afghanistan.